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A common enquiry we get when people discover PDA Matters is about connecting with others who are dealing with similar challenges. We have our own Forums, but they are quiet. This is probably for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that there is a far more widely reaching tool with a lot of groups on it…. Facebook!

While it is our policy to not endorse any external entity (Facebook groups or otherwise) we felt it appropriate to acknowledge the existence of several PDA Groups on Facebook.

The following post is reproduced by the kind permission of Graeme Storey, admin for the Facebook groups listed in the article below. Please note that these groups are “closed” meaning that to access them you will be prompted to submit an application. This is to allow the sometimes sensitive topics discussed within them to be shared without fear of them being readily externalized. Even with that protection, good prudence would suggest that individuals use common sense when sharing online in any format, especially when under stressful conditions. The groups have their own, simple and sensible rules for sharing.

The article is below:

Following on from some recent interaction in another thread, I am sorry you don’t know all the groups we run (although our accredited affiliate groups are all listed on the PDA Resource website smile emoticon:) )
 So, for those interested, we also have other affiliated PDA Groups, which I co-founded and help admin at the moment – meaning I can let you in very easily if you want/need to apply. Please stay in this group, if you want, as well, and that way everyone can benefit from all the mutual support. 🙂 Here we go:-

The PDA Global Group

The PDA-USA Group (incorporates Canada members, too) – The first group that grew from the Global Group

The PDA Australia Group – The second group that grew from the Global Group

The PDA New Zealand Group – The third group that grew from the Global Group

I am dealing with applications for all the above groups just now, which makes it easy for me to see if any of you are already in one – that saves everyone time. 🙂

Graeme Storey

Another resource that Graeme is associated with is:


This is a comprehensive site with lots of information. We link to this and other resources on our Links page.