Founding Donation

Our Founding Donation!
Our Founding Donation!

This is a picture of our founding donation from David M. £36 (roughly $57 USD) in beautiful £2 coins. Completely unsolicited, David M. appeared at the front door this morning just as we were setting out for a private trip to the south-west of the UK, and he very generously sprung this amazing donation on us. Apparently David has been collecting £2 coins for good causes for years, and he felt that our cause was worthy.

I have to say that this completely took me off guard (in a really good way) as to be honest with you, I haven’t put much thought into raising money. I know that sounds strange for a US businessman (by profession) to say that money hasn’t been on his mind, but in reality we have been so focused on getting the organization formally established and in parallel forging ahead with making the necessary connections to subject matter experts and institutions knowledgeable in PDA that raising money hasn’t felt like a priority! That being said, we do need to work out a fund-raising strategy. We already have donation boxes in some local US stores and a production plan to ramp up the number of boxes available. Additionally we have set up the mechanism to raise funds via the section of the website, but other than a test transaction it hasn’t been used yet (hint, hint… I guess I am starting to get the idea ;))

With a touched, and very grateful heart I will get back to the matter of our trip to see family (as well as keeping my brain spinning on how to raise some cash to put to work on the ideas we have!)