It’s Great To Be “Born Naughty?”

On Monday June 22nd 2015 the PDAMatters team travelled south to Stratford-Upon-Avon (home of Shakespeare – to meet with Sarah Eglin of Maverick Productions ( and Paul Kittel, a freelance director. Sarah produced “Born Naughty?” ( and Paul filmed and directed the recent Channel 4 documentary series which followed two children and their families per episode. The concept of the show was to peer into the lives of two families and, through enabling access to medical and behavioral professionals, determine if the child had an underlying medical condition or if they needed behavioral supports to be put in place to assist them. For those of you who haven’t been able to watch the series, two of the four episodes featured children with PDA (Honey in episode 1 & Charlie in episode 4).

When we arrived in Stratford-Upon-Avon, it was an idyllic British summer day, and we made our way to the restaurant where we had arranged to meet the “Born Naughty?” team. This time we were joined by some additional UK members of PDA Matters, who had travelled up from the south-west of the UK. In addition to enjoying their company, the other team members have a background in TV production and they had actually helped set up the meeting with Sarah and Paul. This support was invaluable!

We enjoyed just over an hour with Sarah and Paul, and from our discussion it was apparent that, besides being top-notch TV professionals, they are also genuine, grounded and thoroughly interesting people. We shared our story with Sarah and Paul, and they reciprocated by telling us about their interests with behaviorally-challenged children and how the show came together over the course of a year. We had a few specific items that we were looking to achieve through the meeting, and we covered every one of them. At the right time in the near future, I hope to be able to share some more details about the progress towards our mission that will hopefully come from this meeting.

When we said our goodbyes and departed for the north, I reflected on the meeting and how it came together. Once again I was reminded about the kindness of those who are affected by, or passionate about, behaviorally-challenged children (medically driven or otherwise). I am very grateful to Sarah, Paul and Maverick for making the meeting happen at such short notice and I am excited about the possibilities that may come from the discussion.

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  1. Thank you for being such a caring Dad. This sounds very difficult for the child and the family!

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