New Donation Boxes

While it may not seem like much, our donation boxes took a lot of work to produce. In fact we are up to what our engineering friends would call V1.3 🙂 That is we have the same basic configuration (box shape & blue light on top) but we have evolved the details 4 times (1.0 to 1.3) to our latest “production standard”:

Donation Box V1.3 x 6 Lit

Donation Box V1.3 Rash Info

What does all this mean, well we have achieved our goal of a high quality, eye catching donation experience which will hopefully continue to inspire individuals to give the change they have in their pockets towards our cause. So far our V1.0 – V1.2 boxes have been receiving donations, we are hopeful that this next generation donation box will exceed what we have already been able to accomplish!

Of course, for those not within range of a PDA Matters donation box, there is still the option to donate online (

Another small step on our long journey!