The Explosive Child

The Explosive Child

PDA Matters is offering free copies of Ross W. Greene’s book, “The EXPLOSIVE Child” to those affected by PDA and interested in some counterintuitive approaches to handling easily frustrated, chronically inflexible children. To obtain a copy, please E-Mail your name, shipping address and briefly how you are affected by PDA to

We are able to offer these books at no cost to the requestors thanks to the generous donations we have received through

13 thoughts on “The Explosive Child”

  1. My almost 5yr old son has many PDA traits but struggling to get assistance like a lot of families. I’m hoping that picking up new strategies may help with his transition into reception class. Thanks

  2. I have a nearly 13 year old son that has lots of traits, trying to get help but not getting anywhere, hoping this book will help.

  3. Struggling with our 10 year son who has PDA traits, is in a pupil referral unit because his main stream couldn’t cope with the meltdowns

  4. Please send me this book. Meg is 14 and has PDA. I just don’t know what to do to keep her safe but still independent and confident.

  5. Hi, please could you send me a copy? My 2 girls have PDA – 1 9 and 1 18yr undiagnosed. Life is immensely hard – both have PDA traits to the extreme. My shipping address is 85 High Main Drive, Bestwood Village Nottingham, NG6 8YU. Many thanks

  6. Hi, my 18 year old has pda and received no help or understanding from anyone and as a result hasn’t left the house for five years. My 11 year old is undiagnosed but apparently has severe anxiety/ocd. He is heading down the same route as his brother. Ive been fighting for many years for any form of help. This book would be a great benefit to my family. I would be very grateful. Thank you.

  7. I woul love to receive a copy of this book as my daughter struggles on a daily basis with her son who also has autism. This is particularly difficult as his twin brother shows none of theses behaviors. The shipping address is Ariston House, Hermitage Lane, East Grinstead, RH19 4DR. Thanks in anticipation.

  8. Dear friends of PDA Matters, due to the overwhelming number of requests we have received for the free book offer in the last 4 hours (>150 requests) we have unfortunately exceeded our project budget. We will treat the requests in the order they were received and as soon as we have additional funds in our budget we will address the rest of the requests. Feel free to donate to PDA Matters as clearly our mission needs to be able to continue

  9. Sorry I havent been on here much, busy with school! Really cool to see all these comments and donations! Going big places.

  10. I love one of these children with all my heart, he is so smart in every other way, with such a sweet side too. God Bless him & we all pray for a cure for him & all the other children with PDA.

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